KSrelief Launches Project to Aid Yemenis During Emergency Cases

KSrelief Supervisor General Meets with UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation

KSrelief launched on Sunday the third phase of the Project of Shelter Materials Distribution in Emergency Cases. This project is for the torrents-affected people in Marib, Yemen.

The materials also included 600 tents, 3,600 blankets and 1,200 rugs, which has reached 3,600 people.

This aid comes in the framework of the continuous support provided by Saudi Arabia. This is through the KSrelief for all Yemeni governorates without discrimination.

Separately, the Riyadh-based center also distributed 1,688 food baskets; weighing 41 tons and 250 kg to the needy families in Punjab Province, Pakistan.

The Governor of Punjab, Chaudhry Sarwar, also extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the KSrelief, for its humanitarian support that has benefited up to 10,128 people.