KSrelief dispatch urgent aids to China helping it fight Coronavirus outbreak

King Salman is seen with Chinese President Xi Jinping

KSrelief to coordinate with the competent Chinese authorities to provide the country with urgent needs. This includes medical devices and supplies, medical masks, protective suits and glasses, and other materials.

Under the directives of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, KSrelief help China to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Rabeeah affirmed that this generous guidance confirms the depth of the strong relations between the two states. It also confirms the humanitarian role of Saudi Arabia in supporting countries to confront crises of all kinds.

King Salman also ordered on Thursday urgent aid to China to help it overcome the new coronavirus crisis.

In a telephone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, he expressed solidarity with the Chinese people over the outbreak of the virus.

He also said that he ordered KSrelief to provide the urgent aid to Beijing.