KSRelief continues relief efforts in Yemen, Sudan

KSRelief continues relief efforts in Yemen, Sudan

KSRelief (The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center) King signed on Thursday a joint cooperation agreement to implement a project to distribute 5,000 tons of dates in 12 Yemeni governorates, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday.

Assistant Supervisor General of KSRelief for Operations and Programs Ahmed Bin Ali Al-Baiz virtually signed the agreement in Riyadh.

Meanwhile, in the Yemeni governorate of Aden; KSRelief is carrying out fog-spraying campaigns as part of the emergency response project to combat dengue fever.

KSRelief also continued its humanitarian aid efforts for those affected by the torrents and floods in Sudan. This is a part of the airlift that King Salman directed.

The center also distributed on Thursday 350 tents, 210 blankets, 500 cartons of dates, and 700 rugs, benefiting 6,360 individuals.