KSrelief Clinics help Displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Jordan

KSrelief Clinics Provides Medical Aid to Displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Jordan

KSrelief Clinics continued providing medical services to the Syrian refugees sheltering in the Zaatari camp in Jordan.

Last week, KSrelief clinics received more than 6,437 patients suffering from various medical conditions and provided them with the necessary medications.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, KSrelief clinics in cooperation with Al-Amal Medical Center in the town of Arsal; the center implemented an awareness campaign for Syrian refugees and the town’s dwellers. This is to prevent spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Last week, KSrelief clinics received over 6,437 patients suffering various medical conditions.

The campaign included introducing the most important symptoms of the virus, its transmission methods and how to prevent it, as well as teaching beneficiaries on the correct precautions such as washing hands, dealing with coughing, and ensuring personal and household hygiene.

Also centers distributed 5,000 health bags containing medical sterilizers, protective masks, and other necessary supplies.

This assistance comes within the framework of the humanitarian aid provided by Saudi Arabia, represented by the KS relief. This is to help the Syrian refugees in all areas. Besides, alleviating their suffering as a result of the humanitarian crises they are going through.