KSA Reports 17 New Cases of Novel Coronavirus, in Details

Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) announced here today monitoring and registration of 17 new cases, infected with the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), amid extensive international and local efforts to contain and eliminate the pandemic.

The first case was of a citizen coming from Iran, currently isolated in a health facility, in Al-Ahsa and that the second case was of a citizen, who is now in quarantine, who was in contact with a previously announced case, which is isolated in a hospital, in Qatif.

Third and fourth cases were of citizens from Qatif Governorate, coming from Italy and Iran, who are isolated in a health facility, in Qatif, too.

The ministry stated that the fifth case was of a female citizen quarantined, in Jeddah, which was also coming from Iran.

There are 12 cases of the novel Coronavirus now, in Riyadh, including 3 cases of citizens who were in contact with previously announced cases, one was case of an American resident, who was in contact with a case previously announced, 3 cases were of citizens coming from Britain, and 4 other cases of citizens coming from France, as well as a case for a French resident, coming from France via the Emirates

The Ministry of Health stated that the total number of cases has reached 103, of which one had recovered, and that the rest of the cases are now, in isolation.