King Salman, we work with Russia to achieve security and fight terrorism

Saudi King Salman, right, meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, at the Saudi Royal palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, on Monday, described the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin as a great opportunity to consolidate the friendship between the two countries.

“Agreements between Russia and Saudi Arabia, especially in the field of energy, will have positive effects,” King Salman added.

“We are always looking forward to working with Russia to achieve security and stability and fight terrorism,” King Salman continued.

For his part, the Russian president said, “Russia pays special attention to the development of bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia, which extends over 90 years”.

Putin gives King Salman a rare Russian falcon

Putin confirmed that trade exchange between Russia and Saudi Arabia rose by 15% last year.

“Saudi Arabia plays a pivotal role in the G20,” Putin said, stressing that Russian and Saudi coordination is important to ensure stability in the Middle East.

An official session of talks between King Salman and Russian President, Vladimir Putin was held at Al-Yamamah Palace in Riyadh, where Putin arrived earlier Monday.

Prior to the session, an official reception was held for the Russian president, who was on his first official visit to Saudi Arabia in 12 years.

The summit discussed bilateral relations, as well as regional issues, where several agreements were signed between the Saudi and Russian governments later.

In an earlier interview with Al-Arabiya, the Russian president praised the long-standing historical relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia and his quest to develop them.

“We view Saudi Arabia as a friendly country,” Putin said, stressing that the role of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is important and successful.

“Saudi Arabia is one of the key countries in the region. It also affects according to its energy capacity and scope of activity in the energy field. We can consider Saudi Arabia not only a regional player, but also an international player that affects the global energy market and therefore the rest of the world,” Putin confirmed.

Putin last visited Saudi Arabia in February 2007, 12 years ago, and the Saudi monarch visited Russia in 2017, describing the visit as historic.