King Salman stresses the role of “Islamic cooperation” in the Cabinet’s session Today

King Salman chairs a cabinet meeting in Riyadh. (SPA)

King Salman bin Abdulaziz chaired the Cabinet’s session held at Al-Yamamah Palace here today.

The Cabinet confirms the determination to continue economic reforms and to prosecute the corrupt and hold them accountable.

Saudi Arabia also stressed the role played by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and its relentless endeavor to strengthen joint Islamic action.

The Cabinet confirmed what the Gulf Cooperation Council emphasized in its fortieth session, at the Durya Palace.

During its session, the Cabinet approved a memorandum of understanding between the government of Saudi Arabia and the government of Iraq to cooperate in the field of maritime transport.

The Cabinet also decided to approve the organizational arrangements for the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence.