King Salman lauds efforts for realization of Vision 2030 goals

King Salman lauds efforts for realization of Vision 2030 goals

King Salman has praised government agencies; as well as private and non-profit sectors for their efforts toward the realization of Vision 2030 goals; which seeks to build a better future for the country and the citizens.

In a weekly Cabinet session on Tuesday; held virtually, King Salman directed all ministers and government officials to continue to make efforts, employ and harness all capabilities during the next phase to achieve the remaining goals of the vision in order to meet the aspirations of the country.

Summit on Climate

At the outset of the session, the Cabinet hailed the contents of the speech of King Salman at the Leaders’ Summit on Climate; which embodied the pioneering role of Saudi Arabia and its qualitative initiatives for reducing emissions and preserving the environment and its components, as well as its support for clean energy programs, innovations, and transition to the green projects in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

Upon a royal directive, the Crown Prince, who is also the Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs briefed the Cabinet on the achievements of the programs and projects of the Saudi Vision 2030, which were approved by the Cabinet on April 25, 2016.

The Crown Prince reviewed the most important reforms and achievements of the vision realization programs during its first phase; which focused on establishing the enabling infrastructure; building the institutional and legislative structures, developing the public policies, and enabling the initiatives.

The Acting Minister of Media. Majid Al-Qasabi, in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency; pointed out that the Cabinet discussed the latest events at the regional well as global levels.

The Cabinet referred to the content of Saudi Arabia’s speech at the recent debate at the United Nations Security Council titled; “The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question.”

Escalatory steps

In the debate, the Kingdom expressed deep concern over the escalatory steps being undertaken by Iran; threatening regional security and stability. Saudi Arabia referred to the Iranian nuclear program, its subversive role through supporting the Houthi terrorist militia; which in turn is attacking oil facilities, civilians, and civilian infrastructure in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia during the debate also called on the international community to resolutely stand against Israeli policies; and push the peace process forward. This is in order to reach an agreement that would restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The Cabinet also followed up the latest developments related to the coronavirus’ pandemic; locally and internationally. And the latest reported statistics related to the virus as well as other relevant indicators; such as the trends of the curves, ongoing exerted efforts to preserve the public hygiene of the community and to protect the gains achieved over the last span of time, at all levels.