King Salman commends successful Al-Ula GCC summit

King Salman commends successful Al-Ula GCC summit

King Salman thanked leaders and heads of delegations of GCC member states for making the Al-Ula summit a success; while chairing a virtual meeting of the Cabinet on Tuesday.

King Salman also briefed the Cabinet on the contents of the two messages he received from Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Sabah and Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq.

During the meeting, members of the Cabinet congratulated King Salman and the Crown Prince on the success of the summit. Besides, the continuation of the cooperation march to achieve the joint interests of the GCC people. In addition to enhancing the security and stability of the region.

Supreme interests

The Cabinet reiterated the contents of the Crown Prince’s speech underscoring that the Saudi policy, led by King Salman; is based on a firm approach; seeking to achieve “supreme interests” of the GCC states and Arab countries including their future plans and visions.

The Cabinet also quoted the Crown Prince as citing Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 seeks a strong unified GCC as a priority. In addition to enhancing Arab and Islamic cooperation. This is in a way that serves security and stability of their member countries and the region at large.

The Cabinet also cited the Crown Prince as underscoring the importance of unifying the efforts to help advance the region and face the challenges engulfing it; citing the Iranian regime’s nuclear program; ballistic missiles program; and subversive plots it is adopting through its clients in the region; aiming to destabilize the region and the world at large using terrorist and sectarian activities.

It also welcomed the Al-Ula Declaration signed by the leaders and heads of delegates of the GCC.

Declaration objectives

The Cabinet also referred to the keenness of the declaration on fulfilling the implementation of the vision of King Salman; including proceeding with the components of economic unity, defense system and joint security; drafting a unified foreign policy; underling the importance of GCC, Arab and Islamic solidarity and stability; enhancing the GCC regional role; unifying the political positions; enhancing the ties of fraternity and amicability among the GCC states and their peoples; serving the noble objectives of the Arab nation.

It commended the final communiqué issued by the GCC Supreme Council in its 41st session, that included the confirmation of leaders and heads of state delegations on their keenness to advance the march of GCC joint action, achieve the aspirations of the citizens of the GCC countries in interconnectedness, cooperation and integration as well as strengthen the bonds of the GCC and consolidate its foundations and coordinate collective stances towards international and regional issues of common interest.

Proactive and rapid measures

The Cabinet reviewed the developments of coronavirus pandemic at the local and international levels and a set of reports related to the proactive and rapid measures being taken by Saudi Arabia for the safety of society; achieving more gains to confront the pandemic in addition to the activities of the national vaccination campaign centers amid the increasing turnout by all citizens and residents. This is to obtain the free of charge vaccine with the ongoing indicators and data related to the epidemiological analysis in positive and promising trends.

The Cabinet also discussed the latest developments in the region and the world. It reiterated the Kingdom’s condemnation of the cowardly terrorist act that targeted Aden airport; affirming its solidarity and standing by Yemen and the Yemeni people; citing its trust that this treacherous incident would only increase their determination and steadfastness in achieving their aspirations and restoring their legitimacy.