King Salman Approves New Organization of AlUla Royal Commission

Al-Ula, the ancient oasis of the past and the rich archaeological site of today

King Salman bin Abdulaziz approved on Wednesday a new organizational structure for the Royal Commission for AlUla.

The restructure also aims to improve the commission’s services to citizens, residents and tourists in Alula.

It also aims to make AlUla more attractive to local and foreign investors through providing promising opportunities.

Located 1,100km from Riyadh in northwestern Saudi Arabia, AlUla is a place of extraordinary natural and human heritage. The vast area, covering 22,561km², includes a lush oasis valley; towering sandstone mountains and ancient cultural heritage sites dating back thousands of years.

In line with the new organization, RCU’s management board will submit an annual budget to the government that meets the demands of the commission to allow it to carry out its goals in developing the province.

The Royal Commission for AlUla was established by royal decree in July 2017 to preserve and develop AlUla.

The commission’s long-term plan also outlines a responsible and sustainable approach to urban and economic development that preserves the area’s natural and historic heritage. While establishing AlUla as a desirable location to live, work and visit. This encompasses a broad range of initiatives across archaeology; tourism; culture; education; as well as the arts; reflecting a commitment to meeting the economic diversification; local community empowerment; as well as heritage preservation priorities of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program.