Jeddah tracks application of sanitation standards in shops

Health inspectors of the municipality of Jeddah have followed up on various businesses in a bid to enforce sanitation standards and decrease the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), discovering over 1,000 violations.

“The municipality of Jeddah has fully mobilized its resources to tackle the virus. Inspection tours have resulted in the discovery of 1,240 violations of the health measures and 419 violations related to activities allowed during curfew hours,” Eng. Saeed bin Ali Al-Qarni, the municipality’s undersecretary, clarified.

Al-Qarni stated that 23,664 kilograms of materials unfit for human consumption were confiscated and 1,427 health certificates were issued. Inspectors were charged with disinfecting thousands of sites, including public facilities, government buildings and other highly frequented places.

In a concerted effort to control the spread of COVID-19, the municipality has allocated significant resources, including hundreds of vehicles and workers to collect waste and debris from all 15 sub-municipalities.