Jeddah pharmacies have abundant medical supplies

Jeddah pharmacies have abundant medical supplies

All pharmacies in Jeddah governorate have ample health and medical supplies and other consumables, a field tour conducted by Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has found out.

The field tour was meant to monitor the implementation of a system of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 infection, and preserve the health and safety of the citizens and residents.

During its field tour, SPA monitored the efforts of competent supervisory and regulatory authorities in ensuring the implementation of the regulations in this regard. These authorities also stress the need to understand what the consumer wants and requests and what these pharmacies need.

These bodies make sure the citizens and expatriates comply with the mandatory social distancing instructions; observe frequent hand sanitization; and wearing of gloves and face masks when visiting pharmacies.

Employees at the pharmacies praised the coordination with the Ministry of Health and other related sectors; to provide their stores with sufficient medical supplies.

The staff also stressed the need to consider the measures taken by the prudent leadership to curb the pandemic spread.

In this regard; they lauded the care and attention the Kingdom’s leadership accords to the health of all citizens and expatriates.