Iran’s Foreign Ministry summons UAE charge d’affaires

Iran Summons UAE Envoy over US Drone’s Intrusion

In a new escalation of tensions in the region, the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Saturday summoned the Chargé d’affaires of the United Arab Emirates in Tehran to protest against what it called “the aggressive action of the US drone that violated the Iranian airspace after taking off a US military base in the UAE on Thursday”.

The Iranian news agency (Fares) said that summoning the UAE charge d’affaires by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, came after the aggressive action of the US drone that broke through the Iranian airspace, from a US military base in the UAE, where he was informed of Tehran’s protest on this matter.

In recent weeks, Iran has targeted a number of oil tankers within the UAE’s territorial waters and threatened navigation in the Arabian Gulf, prompting the United States to act militarily to protect global trade.

As Tehran continued its threats against neighboring countries, the head of the Gulf Department at the Foreign Ministry told the UAE diplomat that “Iran refuses to provide facilities (by other countries) to foreign forces to attack Iran’s water, land and air borders”, adding: “these countries cannot evade responsibility in such cases”, as quoted by the DPA.

Iran said on Wednesday night that it had shot down a US military plane infiltrated into its airspace, while, the United States says the plane was flying over international waters, leading to escalating conflict between the two sides.

The US President Donald Trump said he had retracted the beating of three Iranian positions in response to the downing of the plane to avoid expected human damage, adding that he only knew, ten minutes prior to the attack, that 15 people will die, as reported by American media.