Iran’s behavior proof responsibility in increasing COVID-19 infections around the world

Iran's behavior proof responsibility in increasing COVID-19 infections around the world

Following up on the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) previous statements regarding reporting five confirmed cases of Saudi nationals testing positive for COVID-19 after returning from Iran via Bahrain and Kuwait without disclosing the fact that they had traveled to Iran to the relevant Saudi authorities, an official source in the kingdom denounced Iran’s irresponsible action of granting Saudi citizens entry to its territories without stamping their passports, especially at a time where there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in Iran.

These actions are a proof of Iran’s direct responsibility in increasing COVID-19 infections and in the virus’s outbreak all around the world, the official source added.

This behavior poses a serious public health threat to the international community and undermines international efforts to combat COVID-19, putting many communities around the world at risk.

The official also urged all Saudi citizens who had visited and returned from Iran during the past weeks to immediately report this matter and to contact MoH via the toll-free number (937) so that they may be guided through the necessary safety measures. The official also urged citizens who are currently in Iran to immediately report their travel to Iran upon their arrival in the Kingdom.

Citizens who voluntary reported their travel to Iran during a time window of 48 hours following this statement will not be subjected to the Travel Documents Law and its related regulations, the official said.

He added that the Kingdom is keen on ensuring the safety of all citizens who had visited Iran by providing them with this opportunity and refraining from any legal action against them. Furthermore, the Kingdom is determined to protect the families of those who had traveled to places where there is an outbreak of COVID-19; such measures aim to help protect their wellbeing and the safety of others.

The official reaffirmed that Saudi citizens should not travel to Iran for any reason, stressing that serious legal actions will be taken against those who commit this act going forward.

The official called upon Iranian authorities to disclose the identities of Saudi nationals who had illegally visited Iran since the 1st of February, holding the Iranian authorities fully responsible for all Saudis who did not report their travels and had gotten infected during their stay in Iran. The official also said that the Iranian regime’s continuous withholding of the identity of Saudi nationals who had secretly traveled to Iran and allowing them to do so illegally, threatens public health not only in the Kingdom but on international level as well.