Iran Supports Terrorism in Yemen, Lebanon, Riyadh

Third secretary of Saudi Arabia's permanent delegation to the UN Mohammed bin Essam Khashan.

“Iran’s preoccupation with supporting terrorist groups in Yemen and Lebanon deprived its citizens of their right to development. Besides, the rights of citizens of those countries to enjoy security and stability.” Saudi Arabia said.

During a meeting of the UN’s Human Rights Council on Tuesday in Geneva; third secretary of Saudi Arabia’s permanent delegation to the UN Mohammed bin Essam Khashan called on Tehran to comply with the international treaties and covenants to which it has signed up.

He also urged it to focus on the development of Iran and providing better lives to its citizens

Khashan said Iran needs to halt its interventions that are leading to human rights violations in neighboring countries.

The Kingdom is concerned about violations of the economic, social and cultural rights of minorities in Iran. Besides, the treatment of Kurds, Al-Ahwazi Arabs and Azerbaijani Turks who suffers discrimination in a number of ways that have “a great impact on their basic rights.

This includes the right to education, the equitable distribution of national wealth and environmental protection.