Iran-backed Houthi militias commit systematic war crimes: Shura Council

Saudi Shura Council Approves System to Help Faltering Major Institutions

Spokesman of the Shura Council Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh confirmed that the terrorist attacks committed by the Iran-backed Houthi militias are considered internationally-rejected systematic war crimes, as they target the security and lives of civilians and thwart all chances of peace.

In a press release, Al Al-Sheikh denounced, in his own name and on behalf of the members of the Shura Council, in the strongest words what he described as the most ugliest crimes being committed by the Houthi militias over the years, targeting the security and stability of the Kingdom, citing the recent attack on Abha International airport by a booby-trapped drone.

He called on the world community to confront such terrorist practices that reflect the Houthis rejection of peace and world will as well as the three referencea agreed upon as a solution of the Yemeni conflict.

Al Al-Sheikh demanded a firm and decisive international action against the Houthi violations of the international resolutions.