Implementing Riyadh Agreement is in Yemen’s Interest, Hadi

Implementing Riyadh Agreement is in Yemen's Interest, Hadi

Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi expressed his confidence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; in implementing Riyadh Agreement and accelerating its mechanism.

He stressed that the implementation of Riyadh Agreement is in Yemen’s interest. It also defeats Iran’s project in Yemen and the region.

During his meeting with his advisors on Sunday in Riyadh, President Hadi said; “We trust the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to make Riyadh Agreement successful; backing it with economic package to sustain the national currency value. Besides, supporting the government to do its new tasks and meet the Yemeni people’s needs.”

He confirmed that the legitimate leadership considers the Riyadh Agreement; as a primary starting point to restore Yemen and end the Houthi militia coup.