ILO commends Musaned for protecting rights of domestic workers

ILO commends Saudi e-platform Musaned for protecting rights of domestic workers

Saudi Arabia, represented by the Musaned platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, ranked first in the report; issued recently by the International Labor Organization (ILO), in terms of ethical and fair work practices.

ILO lauded Musaned’s pioneering role in protecting the rights of domestic workers and improving the services provided to them; by employing technology in a way that contributes to creating a flexible, transparent, and attractive employment market.

Electronic platform

Musaned is an electronic platform and a new integrated system that facilitates recruitment procedures in an unprecedented manner. The portal, under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development; facilitates the procedures for the recruitment of domestic workers. Besides, increasing the level of protection of the rights of all parties.

Musaned enhances awareness among employers and domestic workers to clarify their rights and duties in the sense that every one of them has a role in the recruitment process. It will be clear for them what are their respective responsibilities, rights, and duties.

Digital transformation of services

The ILO report also praised the digital transformation of services provided to workers, employers, and local and foreign recruitment agencies by providing quality services; as part of an integrated electronic system to organize the recruitment process; which includes visa issuance and contracting and electronic payment. This system contributed to raising the quality of services; improving the recruitment mechanism, and contributing to increasing competitiveness between recruitment offices as well as companies, which resulted in reducing the cost of recruitment on the portal’s online marketplace.

In the report, ILO discussed the effectiveness of the Musaned platform in governing and organizing the contracting mechanism for the employment of domestic workers. Besides, enacting legislation that resulted in guaranteeing the rights of all the parties and ensuring decent life for the workers.

The organization also hailed the role of Musaned in providing all specialists with all the information; policies; and procedures for the parties in the contractual relationship; whether decision-makers or employers, or workers. The portal’s role as a tool for monitoring the performance of the sector was also lauded by ILO; saying that this helped achieve a high degree of clarity for all parties to the contractual relationship. This is by documenting and monitoring the contractual mechanism. Besides, allowing those affected to submit complaints directly with the concerned authorities.