ICO Chairman: Future of camels, spreading their culture among world youth constitute strategic goal for the organization

Founder and Chairman of the International Camel Organization (ICO) Fahd bin Falah bin Hithleen stressed that the organization’s goals include caring for all classes of the society, adding that discussing the future of camels, spreading the culture of raising and caring for them, paying attention to their cultural heritage, and introducing the latest relevant technologies among the youth at the international level constitute a strategic goal for ICO.

In remarks on the occasion of signing a memorandum of cooperation between ICO and World Assembly of Youth (WAY), in conjunction with the International Youth Day, bin Hithleen noted that the youth are the future and the continuation to spread this global heritage, stressing that the best way to develop the camel sector is to start exploring its future and urging the youth to be engaged in such efforts.

The memorandum aims at developing the cultural, scientific and practical ideology in the field of raising camels and their heritage, exerting efforts to develop the sector among the youth, supporting researchers in the fields of studying camels and their features and all relevant subjects.

This is to help realizing food security, supporting the economies of camels for a better future, participating in research and studies for the future of camels.

This can be done through launching and organizing an international conference for the youth to discuss camel affairs, develop their culture, support youth efforts at the international level in the development, cultural, economic and scientific fields, and establish an international committee for the youth under the umbrella of ICO.