Human rights violations in govt agencies to be monitored

Legal departments in government agencies have been tasked with monitoring human rights violations in their respective domains. Higher authorities have approved the measure thus strengthening the powers of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) enshrined in its rules and regulations.

The tasks assigned to the legal departments stipulate disclosure of any violation and breach of human rights and notifying the competent authority to take necessary corrective measures. The HRC will also have to be notified of any aberration in this regard.

The tasks include spreading the culture of human rights in the agency by holding training and awareness activities, issuing visual and reading material in coordination with the HRC, and coordinating with the commission in involving representatives of the authority in training programs.

The legal departments in respective government agency will act as a liaison for the HRC in all missions of a common nature. The tasks include monitoring the implementation of the agency’s obligations in relation to human rights treaties to which the Kingdom is a signatory and implementing the recommendations of human rights status reports issued by the HRC.