HR Ministry calls for flexible work hours; maximum remote work and meetings

HRSD (The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development) called on all employees in the public, private and non-profit sectors to have flexible work hours and avail of remote work and virtual meetings as much as possible.

In a statement, the ministry underlined the need to strictly comply with preventive protocols and apply health directives in order to ensure the safety of employees and those visiting offices and other facilities to remain in a healthy and safe environment.

The ministry underscored the need to hold digital meetings using visual communication methods instead of in-person meetings and to activate work remotely as much as possible.

The ministry also highlighted the importance of applying a policy of flexible working hours and ensuring the use of electronic channels for obtaining services.

The ministry statement emphasized the need to take the necessary measures to prevent social gatherings, apply physical distancing, always wear masks and avoid shaking hands, besides making available of hand sanitizers at workplaces.