Houthi offensive in Yemen’s Marib is battle against US, its allies: Official

Saudi air defenses intercepted two ballistic missiles fired by Houthi militia from Yemen last month. — File photo


The latest Houthi offensive in Yemen’s city of Marib; is a battle against the United States and its allies; the group’s top military official Abdullah al-Sharifi told the militia’s al-Masirah TV.

“The fight now is not with our brothers; but it is between us and infidelity, America and its allies,” he said.

New clashes between Yemen’s internationally-recognized government and the Iran-backed group erupted earlier this month; after weeks of relative calm in the region.

The group has also targeted Saudi Arabia several times in recent weeks, striking Abha International Airport; and attempting to hit civilian areas with missiles and drones.

This combination of pictures provided by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Media on February 10 shows wreckage of a drone fired by the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen; toward the Abha international airport. (Saudi Ministry of Media)

Iran backs the Houthis in their war against the Yemeni government, supplying the group with weapons; such as drones and missiles, that are often used to target civilians.

The UN’s envoy to Yemen last week condemned the group’s offensive in Marib and called for negotiations.

“The conflict in Yemen has taken a sharp escalatory turn with [the Houthis’] most recent offensive in Marib governorate. I have condemned this many times since early last year when this offensive operation started, and I will repeat my call now: the attack on Marib must stop. It puts millions of civilians at risk,” Martin Griffiths told the UN Security Council on Thursday.