Houthi ballistic missiles target destroying the Saudi capital

Houthi ballistic missiles target destroying the Saudi capital

The Arab Coalition has intercepted and destroyed Houthi ballistic missiles targeting the Saudi capital. The Houthi militia in Yemen launched eight drones and three ballistic missiles toward the city between late Monday and early Tuesday, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki as saying on Tuesday.

The missiles were targeting innocent civilians, Col. Al-Maliki said. He described the attack as “hostile, deliberate and systematic operation to target civilians as well as civilian objects.”

Earlier, the spokesman said the Houthi militia “launched a number of unmanned (booby-trapped) drones at civilians and civilian objects” from Saada in Yemen. Two were targeting Najran and the other was targeting Jazan.

“The terrorist Houthi militia is continuing to deliberately and systematically target civilians. Civilian objects that are protected under the international humanitarian law,” Al-Maliki also added.

The Iran-backed militants have targeted Saudi Arabia with 313 ballistic missiles and 357 drones in total, he also added.