Historical Mosque Al-Saro in Namas opens doors for Worshippers

In the center of the village of Raboo Al-Saro in Namas Governorate of Asir region, the historical Al-Saro Village Mosque is located as one of the oldest mosques in the village, built in the Sarat style.

The mosque is ready to receive worshippers and visitors after it has been renovated as part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under which 30 mosques in 10 regions will be restored and rehabilitated.

The historical value of the Mosque is attributed to its location next to one of the oldest markets in the Arabian Peninsula region, where tribesmen used to meet to discuss political and military matters. The mosque also was a destination where worshippers from the village and from other neighboring villages used to gather to perform Friday prayer.

The mosque also used to play an important social role, as it was a gathering place for the villagers to discuss their daily affairs and resolve any dispute that might erupt between them. The mosque also had a specially designated room to host passersby and pilgrims passing through the village.

It is located nearly 30 km south of Al-Namas on the road connecting the cities of Abha and Al-Baha, and is distinguished by its construction in the Sarat style. It was built from randomly shaped stones with a rood made of juniper tree trunks. Its total area is about 260 square meters, and accommodates about 60 people.

The mosque consists of a prayer house with a roof supported by circular wooden pillars, an open courtyard, and an old tank to meet the mosque’s needs from rainwater.

The mosque has one entrance located on the western façade, and after the renovation process, a depot, a prayer house, and Al-Sarah have been added to it.