Heart failure is a growing burden and health concern, says SHA chief

Heart failure is a growing burden and health concern, says SHA chief

AstraZeneca, in collaboration with the Saudi Heart Association (SHA), revealed a new approved indication; by the Saudi Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Authority for Dapagliflozin; expanding its usage to patients with heart failure, ensuring they can access the right treatment as needed. Saudi Arabia is the first country in the GCC to provide such approval for the new indication.

A webinar organized by AstraZeneca in partnership with Saudi Heart Association; led by Prof.Waleed AlHabeeb, Consultant Heart Failure Cardiologist and President of the Saudi Heart Association, Prof. Mark Petrie – Professor of Cardiology in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow; UK together with a wider group of experts. The key topic of discussion at the event was the global and local burden of heart failure; the challenges it poses to patients and developments in treatment options.

Heart Failure, which is classified as a chronic disease, represents one of the most serious health concerns facing society today, currently affecting approximately 50 million people worldwide annually. More than 1% of the Saudi population is diagnosed with Heart Failure, with estimated incidence of more than 32,000 cases per year.

Prof. Waleed AlHabeeb said, “While advances have been in the treatment of heart failure; once manifested, the disease carries a grave prognosis and limits quality of life. Novel therapies are urgently important to change the current trajectory of heart failure. We’re pleased to work together with our partners in the healthcare ecosystem to ensure patients in Saudi Arabia receive the support they need.”

Increasing survival

Prof. Mark Petrie said, “We need completely novel treatment for Heart Failure with reduced ejection fraction; not only improving symptoms and reducing hospital admissions; but also increasing survival in this life-threatening condition, We need to overcome clinical inertia and use these new therapies in our patients to prevent devastating complications, morbidity and mortality”

Sameh El Fangary, Country President – GCC Cluster, said, “At AstraZeneca we always put our patients first. Accessibility to the right treatment is key for patients to be able to manage their health and ensure they get the care that they need; and this is what keeps us going every day. We push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines, and we’re so proud that, with this new approval; we are giving new hope and redefining the standard of care for thousands of people in the Kingdom living with heart failure”.

Please seek advice and consultation from your doctor before using Dapagliflozin.