Health Ministry asks Chronic Diseases sicks to register quickly for Coronavirus Vaccine

Saudi physician prepares to inject a Pfizer vaccine at a new coronavirus vaccination center, at the Jeddah old airport, Saudi Arabia. (File photo: AP)

The Official Spokesman of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulaali underscored that the acceleration of the confirmed infections’ curve has become lesser than previously reported.

The health Ministry indicated that it does not mean to be reassured, but to continue with abiding by the precautionary measures, reaching to realizing positive effects.

During a press conference held here today, he dismissed news circulated linking cases increase to the virus’ mutations and variance, pointing out that a number of areas, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are still monitoring escalation in registering confirmed cases as well as critical cases, calling the current stage of the pandemic curve of the infections as sensitive, hence requiring much more keenness.

All reports related to deaths or sever symptoms due to the vaccines were inaccurate and false information, he said, reasserting that the vaccines have proven their efficiency and capability to protect individuals and that there will be expansion of inoculation for all categories of the society and that all regions with a wider capacity as well as more rapidity, in the upcoming stages.

The spokesman recommended the elders, those who are sick with chronic diseases and those who are over-obese to promptly register to obtain the vaccine, explaining that the number of those already inoculated stood at 462,812 persons.

Al-Abdulaali announced detecting of new 322 infection cases of the Coronavirus, raising the tally of the confirmed cases to 373,368, including 2,630 active cases undergoing medical treatment. However, most of these cases is reassuring, but there are 480 critical cases, he said, adding that the number of recoveries reached 364,297 as new 371 recoveries have been reported, while the death toll stood at 6,441 as new three cases were reported.

On the other hand, he drew attention that the health services are still in contact through all centers and facilities related to the ministry of health and that confirmation centers have managed to run 7,250,076 swabs, while Tutamin clinics are serving as many as 1,964,836 persons.

It also forwarded about 27,632,885 medical and health-wise consultations via 937 centers, as the total of accurately administered lab tests reached 13,107,926, Al-Abdulaali concluded.