Health authorities in Riyadh warn against dangers of heat stress

The Directorate of Health Affairs in the Riyadh region warned against the dangers of heat stress on workers who are exposed to the sun, especially during high temperatures.

Heat stress occurs when the body is unable to maintain a healthy temperature in response to a hot environment. This happens when the body cannot rid of excess heat. The directorate stated that heat stress occurs when the body temperature rises dramatically, as the affected person feels fatigued, weak, dizzy, headache, and increased heartbeat, which may lead to dehydration and lack of urine production.

“The symptoms of heat stress are intense sweating with a feeling of coldness and pallor of the skin. The condition requires first aid, which is to take the victim to a cold place, loosen his clothes, put cold compresses on the neck or armpit, or spray the body with water, while urgent medical intervention is required if he or she vomits or symptoms persist for more than an hour,” the directorate added.