Hadi urges STC to take advantage of KSA’s efforts, implement Riyadh Agreement

Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi called on the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to take advantage of the sincere and great efforts exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in bringing about a peaceful resolution to the ongoing strife.

President Hadi called on the STC to return to the path of implementing the Riyadh Agreement, stop bloodshed and escalation of hostilities.

According to the Official Yemeni News Agency, President Hadi, said that the Riyadh Agreement signed last November with the STC is considered the safe way to stem the causes and repercussions of the recent skirmishes in some liberated areas.

The pursuant of the Agreement would also, in a manner, prioritizes the supreme national interest, unifies the efforts to confront the Iranian-backed Houthi coup, and engages everyone within the framework of the state military, civil and security institutions.

President Hadi said this in a speech delivered during a meeting with the President Advisory Board and members of the Presidency of the House of Representatives while reviewing the latest developments in Yemen.

He added that we have directed to fully abide by the ceasefire, in Abyan Governorate in the south of the country, in response to Saudi Arabia’s endeavors to provide us with a further opportunity to end the rebellion against the state, its institutions and resume implementation of the agreement.

The president reaffirmed the depth and strength of the bilateral relations binding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Yemen.