HADAF spent SR351mn for training, employment programs in Jan.

Hadaf provides training, employment and enablement programs to support citizens and facilities in different sectors. (Photo/Twitter)

HADAF (The Human Resources Development Fund) stated that the total amount of money spent on programs and initiatives to support training; employment; and empowerment of Saudis amounted to SR351mn in January 2021. This exceeded for the third time in a row the amounts of support spent on the job-search aid program Hafiz; amounted to SR218mn for the same period.

HADAF said in a statement that the increase in the amount of support disbursed comes; as a result of developing and improving the support and empowerment programs provided by the Fund. In addition to the increase in the number of beneficiaries of the employment; training; and empowerment support programs provided to citizens and private sector establishments alike.

Two Hafiz programs

There are two Hafiz programs to support Saudi job seekers; Hafiz Searching for Employment Program and Hafiz Difficulty Finding Employment Program. HADAF provides rehabilitation, training, and employment support programs for the beneficiaries of the two programs. Besides, incentive to find work, in order to develop their skills and abilities. This program empowers the beneficiaries of Hafiz and helps them join the labor market.

The fund started implementing early last year a new strategy that is based on strengthening partnership with the private sector. In addition to develop and improve support programs and initiatives that are aimed to localize job opportunities in enterprises.


HADAF also offers initiatives and programs to support training, employment, and empowerment of male and female citizens, and support enterprises in all activities and sectors. These include the Employment Support Program, the On-the-Job Training Program (Tamheer), the Targeted Transportation Support Program, the Professional Certificates Support Program, the Working Women’s Transport Support Program (Wusool), the Strategic Partnerships Institutes Support Program, as well as the National E-Training Platform (Doroob).

HADAF affirmed its keenness to support the training, employment, and empowerment of young Saudi men and women professionals in various professions and activities required by the labor market so as to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.