Gargash Says Situation in Gulf ‘Cannot Go back to Way it was’

UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash. (AFP)

United Arab Emirates’ State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash said Friday that the situation in the Gulf “cannot go back to the way it was” before severing relations with Qatar.

On the third anniversary of the diplomatic rift, he tweeted: “I don’t believe that such an occasion deserves comment.”

“Paths have diverged and the Gulf has changed and cannot go back to the way it was,” he remarked.

The causes of the crisis are “well-known and so is the solution. It will also come at the right time,” he stressed.

“Perhaps the best advice is to ignore and overcome the escalation and work towards the future,” Gargash said.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed their political, diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar in June 2017 over its support and financing of terrorism.

They had proposed a list of 13 demands on Qatar in order to restore ties. They include ending it media incitement, shutting the Turkish base it is hosting, ceasing its support to the Muslim Brotherhood and reducing relations with Iran.