GACA resumes international flight on March 31

GACA resumes international flight on March 31

GACA (The General Authority of Civil Aviation) informed all airlines operating in the Kingdom’s airports that the suspension of international flights will be lifted completely and the Saudi airports will be fully operational from 31 March 2021 onwards.

However, GACA clarified that the travel permit does not apply to countries; to which the concerned committee decides to suspend travel as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus.

In a circular, the authority said Saudi citizens can travel outside the Kingdom. Besides, returning to it effective from 6 a.m. on Wednesday, March 31.

GACA stressed that the new procedure does not violate any approved requirements or controls related to travel bans; or restrictions on travel for reasons that have nothing to do with limiting the spread of coronavirus in the Kingdom.

It also stressed the need for taking into account the implementation of necessary measures, and precautions. This is to stem the spread of coronavirus in the Kingdom. A few days ago, the Ministry of Interior announced its decision to lift the temporary travel ban. Besides, resuming all international flights, saying that the Kingdom will reopen its air, sea, and land borders from March 31.

The implementation of the measures will be done in accordance with the procedures and precautions laid down by the concerned committee to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Kingdom and that is in coordination with the concerned authorities, the ministry said in its statement.