G20 Health Working Group has, within the program of the Kingdom’s G20 presidency, held in Riyadh on January

G20 Health Working Group Discusses Key Challenges Facing Healthcare Systems

G20 Health Working Group has, within the program of the Kingdom’s G20 presidency, held in Riyadh on January 14-16, 2020, its 1st meeting in the presence of delegations from the G20 member states, the invited guest countries and regional and international organizations.

The three-day meeting discussed common challenges and potential opportunities to determine the next steps toward creating sustainable person-centered health systems.

The meeting sessions also focused on wise health care, digital health and patient safety.

The meeting also featured constructive discussions on pandemic preparedness and the threat emerging from antimicrobial resistance, building on the progress made in previous G20 presidencies.

Globally, healthcare accounts for 11% of GDP and generates millions of jobs, many of them for women. At the same time, nearly 3.5 billion people do not receive the essential health services they need. This prospect could change if the global community seizes the opportunities offered by emerging trends and technologies, which has the potential to shape the next frontier for health care.

Value-Based Health Care (VBHC), Digital Health, and Patient Safety were among the priority topics discussed by the G20 Health Working Group during the first meeting under the Saudi G20 Presidency. Additionally, constructive dialogue on the topics of pandemic preparedness and the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) was continued during the meeting, building on the progress achieved in previous presidencies.

Prior to the meeting, delegates attended the Accelerating Transformation Towards Sustainable Health Systems Through Value Based Health Care. The conference brought together experts, governments and international organizations, who discussed their experiences and best practices in implementing VBHC solutions.

The G20 Health Working Group will meet again in March 2020, progressing discussions and building consensus to create sustainable health systems that place people’s needs and safety first.