G20 continues to focus on youth unemployment

Building on the target to reduce youth unemployment by 15 percent by 2025, agreed upon during the 2015 Turkish Presidency, the G20 Employment Working Group (EWG) met for the first time under the Saudi G20 Presidency.

Youth unemployment and data-driven policymaking were key items on the agenda of the meet.

Delegations from G20 member countries and invited guest countries were joined by international and regional organizations here to continue the discussions on the global challenges facing employment.

In 2020, the Working Group will focus on three key priorities: Youth unemployment, transitional social protection and behavioral insights for a transitioning labor market.

In this first meeting, the Saudi Chair Ahmed Alzahrani introduced the key priorities and kicked off discussions aimed to address youth unemployment and how to use behavioral insights in policymaking.

The meeting addressed issues related to youth unemployment including discussions around the challenges and opportunities for youth, particularly those not in employment, education or training (NEET).

Delegates discussed possible responses that support effective policy implementation in order to achieve the Antalya target and measure the efforts done by the G20 in this regard.

The EWG also explored ways in which behavioral insights can be applied to develop evidence-based policy responses to promote employment as a driver of growth and sustainability.

Discussions will continue at the next meeting in April ahead of the Employment Ministers’ Meeting in September 2020.