French Court Dismisses all beIN’s Claims against Arabsat

French Court Dismisses all beIN's Claims against Arabsat

The Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) is pleased to announce a new ruling by another independent French court upholding the previous ruling which dismissed all claims by beIN SPORTS against the organization and rejecting an appeal attempt by beIN.

In addition to welcoming the new favorable ruling by another French court, Arabsat would also like to confirm receiving unprecedented financial compensation from beIN SPORTS network, which was imposed by the court. This clearly proves the falsehood of claims and vindicates Arabsat’s position against these irresponsible accusations.

Arabsat, while rejecting the allegations made against it, deeply regrets irresponsible statements made by FIFA and other federations which contain disgraceful repetitions of the beIN network’s claims.

Arabsat warns against inaccurate media statements and reports in the face of final court rulings. Based on its belief in the rule of law, Arabsat will not engage in any media war with any entity regarding this subject.