France to resume issuing travel visas from Saudi Arabia

With the resumption of flights for citizens with immunity to the coronavirus disease; many Saudis are eager to vacation in France this summer; or resume work there. 

Next week; the Embassy of France in Riyadh and the French Consulate General in Jeddah will resume issuing travel visas to France. This will be in a gradual manner; and priority will be; in the first stage; to renewing visas valid for a year or more; which expired in 2020 or may expire in 2021.  

The French Embassy in the Kingdom asks those wishing to travel to read the conditions for submitting visa application files through the France Visas website and respect the specified timetable. 

In order to organize applications; they also ask visitors to submit them in the coming weeks for those who wish to visit France during the summer only. 

The embassy clarified that French borders remain closed. Obtaining an entry visa; at the present time; does not mean going to France on a tourist visit or for work.

At this stage; only travelers belonging to one of the exceptional categories in the Ministry of the Interior’s travel certificate to apply for entry into France. 
The reopening of the French borders will take place on June 9; but this will be in a confirmation later; in addition to the entry measures to French territoriy (especially with regard to the presentation of medical certificates). The embassy will provide all details as soon as possible. 

French Ambassador to the Kingdom Ludovic Pouille reaffirmed the statement through a tweet on Tuesday: “We would like to remind you that the French borders are still closed due to the (coronavirus disease pandemic). Obtaining a visa does not mean going to France on a tourist visit or a business visit at the present time. The border is expected to reopen on June 9. We will get back to you with all the details as soon as possible.”