Forum discusses enhancing Saudi-Iraqi media discourse

Forum discusses enhancing Saudi-Iraqi media discourse

The participants in the panel discussion hosted by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA); entitled “Saudi-Iraqi Media Discourse and Spaces of Shared Values”; stressed the need for the Saudi-Iraqi media discourse to adopt a modern pattern of performance.

This, in turn, would enhance prospects for bilateral cooperation in various fields. In addition to supporting and enhancing it to serve the interests of the two countries and peoples.

The panel discussion also held within the monthly “SPA” forum; and on the sidelines of the Riyadh International Book Fair 2021.

The participants in the panel; moderated by Acting SPA President Dr. Fahad Bin Hassan Al Aqran, also discussed the challenges and obstacles facing the media message.

Dr. Al Aqran stressed that the media discourse plays a major role in all aspects; whether cultural, economic or political; praising the joint relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq in the media field.

The panel also came out with several recommendations; most notably the transformation of the media from the ideological style to the message style; the renewal of awareness of the united and unified values of the peoples of Saudi Arabia and Iraq; the protection of relations between peoples from political changes; as well as the establishment of a joint Saudi-Iraqi cultural fund.