Flash of Riyadh, first-of-kind drive-in cinemas by Riyadh mayoralty

Flash of Riyadh, first-of-kind drive-in cinemas by Riyadh mayoralty

Flash of Riyadh; Drive-in cinemas Riyadh that mayoralty will soon make available of a new cinematic experience. It is for movie lovers of the capital. The drive-in cinema will be screening three Arabic and international cinemas on a daily basis.

For each show, the mayoralty is arranging the space for more than 150 cars; wherein the occupants can enjoy the magic of movies on a big screen from the comfort and safety of their car.

All the arrangements will also be in place in line with the coronavirus precautionary measures and preventive protocols; including wearing masks and keeping social distance and the area will be sterilized at the end of every show.

The mayoralty also said that the show is in a way taking into account the privacy of the viewers; by enabling them to listen to the sound effects. This is by simply tuning into a designated radio frequency for the movie audio to be streaming straight into their cars.

In addition to this, there will be an area for food trucks to provide services to movie fans; through electronic applications without the need to get off their vehicles.

The mayoralty said in a statement on its Twitter account that there will be multiple mechanisms for booking tickets.

The mayoralty is making arrangements in cooperation with the private sector as part of its efforts to provide multiple entertainment options for the people; by empowering and supporting national companies and institutions specialized in organizing quality events.

This is in line with the mayoralty’s initiatives to improve the quality of life of people in the city; in a way keeping pace with the objectives of mayoralty in the light of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.