FII2019 opens today in Riyadh

FII2019 opens today in Riyadh

The third edition of Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative (FII2019) kicked off in Riyadh on Tuesday under the auspices of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), with the participation of 49 partners and a high presence of heads of state and government officials from different countries.

Dozens of international companies, including 25 companies and investment banks from the United States, the world’s largest economy, and nearly 300 speakers from decision-makers, investors and experts representing more than 30 countries are attending the forum.

The conference will have 47 sessions, themes and workshops, which will be attended by state officials, heads of major organizations and managers of giants, distributed on a major theme and three summits within the forum.

The forum will seek to answer dozens of questions and inquiries, including how economic ambition in the new era can shape the economy over the next decade, and which strategic actions business will use to maximize positive outcomes.

An independent session is devoted to examining whether financial investors believe the moment is right to invest while questioning where they stand in the economic life cycle. It also discusses sovereign wealth funds and how they can shape global investment in the long run.

The FII2019, also called the “Davos in Desert”, will discuss the she economy and whether current developments will enhance women’s inclusiveness in many engines of the economy, reviewing the experiences of Japan and China and the main question will be what are the policies and strategies of the organizations that can help develop the system of women’s inclusion in the economy.