FII institute launches global infectious diseases index

FII institute launches global infectious diseases index

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute launched the Global Infectious Diseases Index on Tuesday; it uses a specially designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to track pathogens around the world and provide key data to help prepare for, and fight, infectious diseases.

Captured in near real time, the index developed in partnership with the global pioneer in infectious disease risk solutions Metabiota and leading technology consulting firm Accenture.

It tracks up to 60 pathogens, including those behind COVID-19; Dengue and Measles and is designed to increase global awareness about infectious diseases including Tuberculosis; Malaria and HIV, as well as reduce threats and provide valuable insights to drive decision making.

Health Is Wealth

The FII Institute officially launched the Index at the Health Is Wealth roundtable, held on the sidelines of the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York, with world leaders, and government and private sector representatives in attendance.

FII Institute CEO Richard Attias said he is proud of the collaborative work done to harness the technology required to provide these valuable analytics.

“The insights the Index will provide will prepare governments and health services to make informed decisions that will help humanity,” he also said. “It removes the complexities of infectious diseases data and delivers a simple and intuitive global view.”

The Index is unique because it will provide endemic disease burden and epidemic disease threat data in one platform. It includes the top five deadliest global endemic diseases; across 204 countries and territories, and tracks up to 60 pathogens, including the COVID-19.

Integrated data also includes countries ranked by Highest Healthcare Expenditure (as a percentage of GDP); the number of people per country vaccinated for each disease and in-depth information on medical professionals and services.

Leading the Index’s development was FII Institute’s THINK Director, and Nobel Laureate, Lameen Abdul-Malik; who said there is also a need to address infectious diseases that burden countries, economies, and individuals.

“The data from the index should provide insightful information to help countries plan; ahead to mitigate the effects of future pandemics; as well as address endemic diseases to help their populations live healthier and longer lives,” he said.

“Solutions developed to fight COVID-19 should leverage to address other infectious disease threats; which also represent a problem for many years.”