FII committed to making life greener and safer, says Al-Muteiri

FII committed to making life greener and safer, says Al-Muteiri

The fifth edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) commenced on Tuesday; at the King Abdulaziz International Convention Center in Riyadh under the theme “Invest in Humanity”.

The three-day event is held with the participation of more than 2,000 missions; and 5,000 decision makers, company leaders, policy makers, investors and innovators from across the world.

Member of FII Institute Board of Trustees Dr. Ghadah Al-Muteiri delivered a speech on behalf of Chairman of the Board of Trustees Yasir bin Othman Al-Rumayyan. This is during which she noted that the fifth edition brings together minds in one of the best areas of the world with the aim of making a positive impact on humanity.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic made it clear that what is happening in one corner of the world can change the life on the other corner, she said, adding that the initiative will discuss places of weakness, policies and human health.

Gathering all points of strength

Al-Muteiri highlighted the importance of effecting a measurable sustainable growth for the future generations. She pointed out the FII aims at encouraging the international community to make more investment to realize better profits during the coming days.

She said the initiative discusses partnerships that can contribute to gathering all points of strength, how to distribute capitals and employing them in technologies and strategies that can bridge the global gaps and opportunity gaps. This is in addition to focusing on new economies, innovation, providing jobs, protecting resources with increasing procedures to deal with the climate and environment protection.

Al-Muteiri said: “Economy and environment must have strengths; low-carbon economy is an investment and opportunity at the same time. This is in addition to developing resources necessary for the energy safety; especially that sustainability is a main pillar to create a clearer and safer world; a healthier community; and a healthier economy”.

She also noted that FII is committed to the human future and to ways and methods that make life safer. She called for looking at the initiative as a platform for cooperation and partnership. Among the initiative’s priorities are healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics. Besides, providing solutions that help make the world greener, safer, and healthier, she also said.