Soar to New Heights: Hot Air Balloon now in Al-Ula Sky

Hot Air Balloons soar in the skies of Al-Ula
Hot Air Balloons soar in the skies of Al-Ula

The headquarter of the Saudi Arabian Hot Air Balloon Federation (SAHAB) was inaugurated last Thursday in Al-Ula City, the land of cultural and natural heritage and strikingly diverse landscapes. The inauguration included the launch of a group of balloons led by pilots from all over the world in the skies of Al-Ula.

SAHAB provides a unique experience of entertainment, adventure, and competition for explorers of nature and hot air balloon amateurs. It aims to develop the sport of balloons in all forms in Saudi Arabia, whether the engine-driven or the wind-driven balloons. Seeking to help adventure enthusiasts and visitors from all walks of life to enjoy flying across the Saudi skies, SAHAB will also be responsible for the development of the all-round air sport industry in Saudi Arabia.

  • The sport of balloons is the best activity that is in line with a breath-taking natural beauty and magnificent monuments to human endeavor that span millennia such as the peaceful, tranquil, and pure nature of Al-Ula.

The inauguration comes after the success of the air balloon festival, which was organized during Winter at Tantora festival, in its first course 2018-2019, in which about 100 balloon decorated Al-Ula sky to tune in the colors of air balloons with the imaginary scene of the mountain series, where the Balloon Festival was held over a period of ten days starting.

Captivated by its authentic beauty, Yanni explored the breath-taking heights of Al-Ula through a hot air balloon

The Balloon festival was a first step in introducing the rich nature ofAl-Ula to the world as an exciting destination for the sport of balloons. For10 consecutive weeks, Al-Ula has provided a model for what can be the adventuretourism in the region, in addition to the best of tourism, cultural, heritage,and entertainment shows, adding to the distinctive hospitality of the residentsand the exciting adventure activities.

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