Saudi STEM students to participate in Intel ISEF

Intel ISEF 2019
Intel ISEF 2019

MAWHIBA Foundation held a press conference to announce that Saudi Arabia is to compete in the "Intel-ISEF" international competition with 20 scientific projects. It also announced on the Saudi scientific team of 20 talented students that will represent Saudi Arabia in Intel ISEF 2019.

Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) is where world-class STEM students meet top institutions. It unites the top young scientific minds, showcasing their talents on an international stage, where doctoral-level scientists review and judge their work.

Each year, approximately 1,800high school students from more than 75 countries, regions, and territories areawarded the opportunity to showcase their independent research and compete foran average of $5mn in prizes at Intel ISEF. The competition focuses onidentifying, inspiring, and engaging the world's next STEM generation.

  • Saudi Arabia iscompeting in the "Intel-ISEF" International competition with 20scientific projects

Saudi Arabia is represented by King Abdulaziz & His CompanionsFoundation for Giftedness and Creativity, (MAWHIBA), which is a nationaleducational foundation in Saudi Arabia established to help cultivate acomprehensive environment of creativity and build a sustainable future byencouraging youth to search for creative means toward developing concepts inexciting up and coming fields of study, the Ministry of Education, and SABICto participate in the Intel-ISEF  2019,to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, May 12nd– May 17th.

  • Saudi Arabia's geniuses are getting ready to gain morenational achievements

Saudi Arabia is participating in this course of the competition with a teamof 20 students, in which 20 scientific projects are presented in a number offields. Saudi talented seeks toreplicate the national achievements and maintain the advanced positionsachieved in the last course; winning seven major awards and five special ones.

Saudi Arabia first participated in the competition in 2007, and since then the Saudi talented won 67 awards, 43 of them are major awards and 23 special awards. This is the 13th consecutive year for Saudi Arabia at the Intel-ISEF, the largest scientific fair for competition in the field of scientific research for the pre-university stage, which attracts nearly 1800 participants from more than 75 countries around the world.

During the press conference, the Secretary-General of the MAWHIBA Foundation, Dr. Saud Al-Mutahmi, expressed his pride in the achievements of Saudi students, who had a rich practical experience qualified them to represent Saudi Arabia in such an international forum. He also added that MAWHIBA cultivates the Saudi talents and invest in minds in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, through the establishment of several external development programs for the talented, stressing that the latest statistics in 2019, indicate that the number of talented discovered in Saudi Arabia exceeded 100 thousand talented.

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