Saudi Ministry of Interior Executes Death Penalty for 37 Terrorists

Saudi Ministry of Interior Executes Death Penalty for 37 Terrorists
Saudi Ministry of Interior

Saudi Ministry of Interior issued yesterday an official statement on executing death penalty for 37 Saudi terrorists in Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Sharqiya, Qassim and Asir.

Forming terrorist cells to spread corruption, chaos, and sedition as wellas undermine the Saudi national security, 37 terrorists were earlier sentencedto execution, all of whom are Saudi citizens. The terrorists were also accused of adopting the extremist terrorist ideology,plotting for destabilizing the State, endangering peace and political security,and hampering development efforts, attacking police premises, State securityunits, or diplomatic or consular posts using explosive bombs, killing a numberof security men, and treason against the nation throughcooperating with hostile entities to the detriment of the supreme interests ofthe country, the statement mentions.

Saudi Ministry of Interior declares: "This to affirm that the Saudi administrationwill never hesitate to deter those who might be tempted to harm the security and stabilityof the country, its citizens, or expatriates. The Saudi Arabiawill also resolutely and firmly go on implementing the provisions of Shariaalong with the judicial statements to serve justice. At the same time, anyone mightwish to commit such criminal terrorist acts will be severely punished."

Saudi Securityforces efforts to combat terrorism

It is noteworthy that the Saudi security forces have successfully foiled a number of terrorist attacks—on 21 April 2019, the Saudi security forces stood up to an attempted terrorist attack on the General Directorate of Investigation's Center in AZ-Zulfi, resulting in killing four heavily armed assailants were killed. On 7 April 2019, the security forces killed two suspected terrorists and arrested two other suspects for attacking a checkpoint in Abu Hadriya in Eastern Province using small arms and explosives. On 7 January 2019, the security forces also conducted an operation in the village of al-Jish in the eastern Qatif region, killing at least two suspected terrorists and arresting others after an exchange of fire.

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