Saudi Ladies’ Firsts


Woman empowerment has been a major concern of Saudi Arabia, particularly after the announcement of Saudi Vision 2030, with a special regard to woman and its significant role in achieving the desirable advancement across all areas.

Saudi females first takepart as flight attendants on "NAS" flights

Domestic airline Flynas is recruiting female flight attendants, for the first time.

NAShas recently announced the graduation of the first batch of Saudi female whoare ready and competent to join the flights as members of the cabin crew. Indoing so, it becomes the first national air carrier to apply Saudization to femalelabor in both cabin crew program and cadet pilot program. Additionally, thecompany has announced that the first flights with the participation of Saudi femalesas flight attendants will be in the month of January, indicating that they willhave their own uniform made in conformity with the Kingdom's customs andtraditions. Recruiting 300 Saudi flight attendants of males and females, withinthe upcoming two years, is the target of NAS.This new tendency comes in the course of the Saudization programs ofaviation jobs as well as Saudi woman empowerment plans.

It's noteworthy that Saudi Arabiadecided to offer up positions to qualified female pilots, and so the Saudiaviation industry is consistently taking positive steps to gain genderequality. Saudi Arabia's Oxford Aviation Academy opened up itsdoors to female pilot applicants just a week after lifting driving ban forwomen in 2018.

TheFirst Two Saudi females join the firefightingsystem

Abeer O. Al-Jabir and Jazyah E. Al-Dossary during the training program

Saudi Aramco has succeeded in training the first two Saudifemales on firefighting and extinguishing. This was among a training programthat Aramco is used to organizing periodically, but this time with thefirst-ever participation of Saudi females. Commenting on this good news, AbeerAlolyan, a Saudi expert on Oil has tweeted, "And for the first time-ever in thehistory of the Kingdom, the Fire Protection Department in Saudi Aramco grants anaccreditation to the first Saudi females as fire fighters."

Abeer O. Al-Jabir, an Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management graduate from the University of Sharjah, UAE, and Jazyah E. Al-Dossary, a chemical engineering graduate from the University of Missouri in the United States are the first females to become Saudi Aramco firefighters in the Kingdom according to the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) stringent Professional Qualifications Standards. Jazyah E. Al-Dossary said that her father who is a passionate firefighter was her inspirer to participate in the firefighting program, adding that joining the firefighting department is her big dream that has eventually come true. While her colleague Abeer Al-Jabir, has expressed her pride in joining a company like Aramco that offers equal opportunities for all.

Saudi women first get a tourist guide license

Hanan Banjar from Mecca is the first Saudi woman to get a license to work as a tourist guide after successfully passing a group of different courses presented by the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage in cooperation with The National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Arabian Countries with a wide participation by the establishment's pilgrims' guides and employees. The female trainee has been trained on several developed techniques and methods related to tourism guidance in the region along with receiving a field training in the targeted tourism attractions in Mecca and its outskirts. This comes out of the Kingdom's determination to empower woman and involve her in unprecedented areas.

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