Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince supports restoration of 56 old buildings

Historic Jeddah
Historic Jeddah

Realizing their priceless value, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman supports a project of restoring 56 buildings of the old tumbledown buildings in historic Jeddah.

Historic Jeddah is well known for its old buildings with the distinctive architectural design as well as its rich heritage. The first stage of the restoration project is of SAR50mn, as a contribution to support projects that will preserve the historic and cultural property of Saudi Arabia.

This support comes to preserve, revive, rehabilitate, and prevent the collapse of Jeddah's historic buildings, as required by UNESCO, to register historic Jeddah in the list of World Heritage Sites in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 as part of a comprehensive project to save sites of cultural value from any threats that may lead to their disappearance.

Decoration – detail, Historic Jeddah

It reflects the interest of the Saudi Crown Prince and his keen interest in the historic buildings in Saudi Arabia and the emphasis placed on the care to ensure that it continues in excellent condition and remains a solid proof of Saudi Arabia's cultural depth.

Under the guidance of Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the restoration project is nationalized and the Ministry of Culture was asked to work on the formation of teams for the restoration work of the young Saudis, under the supervision of technicians with experience in renovating the historical buildings. This will provide a number of job opportunities for Saudis.

Traditional house in Al Balad, Jeddah

The project will be executed in accordance with the unique urban heritage of Jeddah and its unique architectural elements. Some of the houses features archaeological monuments date back to over 500 years owned by the families of Jeddah through the renovation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of these buildings.

The Saudi Minister of Culture stressed that the ministry is working hard with all its staffs and sectors to develop the Saudi culture in all its material and moral dimensions, including the historical dimension. He pointed out that the historical buildings in Saudi Arabia will receive special attention from the Ministry of Culture to ensure keeping them in an excellent condition to reflect the ancient civilization of Saudi Arabia.

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