Saudi Arabia voices concern over Iran’s nuclear activity

Saudi Arabia has expressed its concern over the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); confirming that Iran has markedly taken steps in the production of enriched uranium metal.

In a series of tweets; Saudi Arabia's governor to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Prince Abdullah Bin Khalid Bin Sultan; strongly denounced the Iranian move.

Prince Abdullah; who is also Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Austria and the Kingdom's permanent representative to the UN and international organizations in Vienna; said that Iran's bid to produce uranium metal enriched to 20 percent purity; which is not for any peaceful purpose; is a matter of concern in terms of its real intentions.

"This approach negatively affects any negotiations in realation to the nuclear agreement as the knowledge from research and also development work cannot be reversed;" the Saudi envoy said.

"The escalatory steps announced by Iran do not match with its statements about the peacefulness of its nuclear program and confirm its intentions and pursuit of the capabilities in order to produce a nuclear weapon."

"The policy of escalation obstructs any dialogue and negotiation; and also raises the international community's suspicions about Iran and its intentions;" he added.

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