Saudi Arabia plays its humanitarian role whatever the relation with the help-seeker

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has approved that it will continue providing its humanitarian role towards any country without paying attention to the kind of relation with it.

Despite theIranian support to Houthi with weapon, naval mines alongside sending shipstarget to suspend the shipping in the Red Sea; Saudi Arabia doesn't hesitate togive a hand to the help-seekers even if it was Iranian.

The kingdomimproved again that its leadership don't politicized the humanitarian issues asIran do, but Saudi Arabia always separates between the political situation aswell as confirming its commitment to the international law.

Saudi Arabiadidn't change its political situation from the Iranian enemy behavior, but italso doesn't violate the international law to achieve its political agenda asIran do.

Despite theIranian-aligned Houthi shoots Saudi Arabia with Iranian rockets, the kingdomdidn't hesitate to help the Iranian ship when it asked a help from SaudiArabia.

In the timeIran threaten the shipping and the petroleum support in the Strait of Hormuz, SaudiArabia doesn't hesitate to give a hand to the ships seek a help even it wasIranian.

The official spokesman for the General Directorate of Border Guard announced on Thursday that the Search and Rescue Coordination Center in Jeddah (JMRCC) received a message from Jeddah Islamic Port and the Saudi Search and Rescue Center at the General Authority of Civil Aviation, including an SOS distress signal from the ship HAPPINESS I, with the ship's captain asking for help in towing the vessel because of engine failure and loss of control.

"Allnecessary precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the ship's crew andprovide necessary support and assistance," the spokesman said.

"This action comes under the guidance of the wise leadership – may God preserve it – and stems from the humanitarian role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as usual in such cases," he added.

After thishumanitarian support Saudi Arabian proved that there is a big differencebetween the countru who search for security and peace and the countries whosearch for chaos and destruction in the area.

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