Saudi Arabia calls on UN to hold Houthis accountable for terror attacks

Saudi Arabia has called on the United Nations Security Council to "shoulder its responsibility in ending threats posed by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to international peace and security and; to hold the militia accountable" for its violent activities.

In a letter, Abdallah Al-MouallimiAl-Mouallimi, the permanent Saudi representative to the UN; also urged members of the council to strongly condemn acts of terrorism by the Houthis.

The letter also highlighted the continuing attacks on the Kingdom launched by the militias; from Yemen "in a flagrant violation of international law and relevant Security Council resolutions."

One recent example given was a Houthi strike on Feb. 11 that targeted Abha International Airport, in the Kingdom's Asir region, during which a civilian aircraft was set on fire.

"Such an act of terrorism that targets civilian infrastructure and threatens innocent civilian travelers is a heinous war crime, and the Houthi militias must be held accountable in accordance with international humanitarian laws," Al-Mouallimi said in his letter.

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