Saudi Airlines mourns TWO of its employees in Sri Lanka bombings

Saudi Airlines mourns TWO of its employees in Sri Lanka bombings
Saudi Airlines mourns TWO of its employees in Sri Lanka bombings

Saudi Airlines officially mourns two of its employees on Tuesday after being killed in the blasts Sri Lanka witnessed last Sunday.

An official statementissued by the Saudi Airlines mentions that further to the statement of theofficial spokesman of Saudi Airlines on Sunday, on the bombings in Sri Lanka,which included the inability to contact two of our navigators and withcontinued efforts in cooperation with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Sri Lankato reach them, it was confirmed that two of our employees died among the victimsof the unfortunate bombings.

Ajel sources have provided the message issued by Saleh binNasser Al-Jasser, the director general of Saudi Arabian Airlines Corp., in which heconfirms that two of the company's employees were killed in the "Sri Lankabombings".

Al-Jasser said in the message he addressed to the employees of the company:"Dear colleagues in every place, peace and mercy of Allah be upon you…With deep sorrow and sadness, and with a firm belief in Allah's fate; I, onbehalf of the corporation, mourns our dear colleagues, cabin manager AhmadJafari and cabin crew Hani Othman, who have passed away following theunfortunate bombings in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo on Sunday April21,2019."

"Jafari spent 25 years in the service of "Saudi Airlines Corp." and itsguests, during which he was an example of devotion, sincerity, diligence, and commitmentthat he gained the trust of his managers as well as the appreciation of hiscolleagues. As for, Hani Othman, who joined Saudi Arabia two years ago, he wasan example of the qualified, sincere, and devoted young employee." Al-Jasseradded.

In the same context, the Saudi Embassy in Sri Lanka issued an official statement mourning the death of Saudi Airlines employees following the terrorist bombings, and wishing them mercy and their family to be inspired patience.

Sri Lanka was hit by a series of coordinated terrorist attacks on differentchurches and hotels. According to the latest statistics, nearly to 321 peoplewere killed and about 500 people were injured in the suicide attacks.

Sri Lanka authorities had arrested and questioned 40 people in connectionwith the bombings, police spokesman, Ruan Gonasekera said in a statement on Tuesday.