Racist Run-over in California

Racist Run-over in California
Isaiah J. Peoples, who faces eight counts of attempted murder

California man who deliberately drove into eight pedestrians and officially faces eight counts of attempted murder was targeting Muslims, Police state.

In California, a man, identified as Isaiah J. Peoples, 34, ischarged with intentionally ran into eight pedestrians at an intersection inSunnyvale, Calif. as he thought some were Muslims, on Tuesday evening, accordingto AFP.

"Further evidence obtained by the policesuggested that Mr. Peoples intentionally targeted the victims based on theirrace and his belief that they were of the Muslim faith." Chief Phan Ngo, of theSunnyvale Department of Public Safety, declared at a news conference on Fridayafternoon.

"Three of the victims were minors, andone who is a 13-year-old girl, remained in critical condition." Chief Ngoadded: "Three adults were also hospitalized with serious injuries and were instable condition. The rest of the victims had been released and it did notappear that Mr. Peoples had been hurt." 

Local media sources mentioned thatthree of the injuries belong to onefamily; a father and his daughter and son, providing no details on theirnationalities or religions till now.

The run-over ismostly related to a post-traumaticstress disorder that Mr. Peoples had suffered after serving in the Army in Iraq,as Mr. Peoples's mother stated to the Associated Press.

 His mother also added"Unless the car malfunctioned, he would not have done that. He's like theperfect, model citizen. He's an Army vet, he's a good kid, never been arrested.I promise you: It was not deliberate. If anything, it was that Army."

It is noted that Mr. Peoples served in the US Army from 2004 to 2006 and in the Army Reserve from 2006 to 2008.

"His mental state is going to be the battleground in thecase," his lawyer, Chuck Smith, said, adding: "We're going to have himevaluated by the best people we can find because, like all veterans, hedeserves the best people we can find."

This one and many and almost daily-repeated accidents demonstrate the racism, oppression, and terrorMuslims are vulnerable to around the world.

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